Job Opportunity
Bins Disposal is seeking a qualified individual to serve as an assistant manager to our truck boss. As a part of this job you would drive our trucks and operate the equipment associated with the truck and bins, as well as other duties. The position is open immediately. It involves driving a 30 foot long flat bed cab forward dump truck to a job site, delivering a bin or picking up a full bin, taking it to the recycle center or landfill, dumping it and returning the bin to a storage site or job site. Other duties would be to move bins when requested by the customer, perform minor repairs to the wooden bins, perform basic safety checks on the vehicles, minor repairs (such as replacing tail lights), keeping the paperwork for the day's work, reporting to the office, and being available when needed! As a part of being an assistant manager, you would also occasionally answer the phone (in the field) and schedule bin service for you and other driver(s). Some minor record-keeping would also be required as a part of this position.
The employee would be required to climb up on truck beds, throw nets to cover the bins, work hydraulic winches, some minor repair work on bins, etc. This job is somewhat physical and involves more than just sitting in the seat and driving. Sometimes the operator would need to readjust the load in the bins before loading the bin onto the truck.

An ideal candidate would be extremely safety conscious, both in driving, backing the 30' long trucks, unloading bins, and using the winches to pull bins up on the truck. Backing with mirrors is a necessity and experience in such is required. Experience in driving larger trucks is a plus. No Commercial driving license is required, as the trucks are under the 26000 GVW. However our insurance company requires us to hire someone over 25 years old and with a spotless driving record. Trucks are not air-conditioned and working outside in the elements is a must, even in the heat, rain, or cold. Look at some of the other pages on this site to see pictures of the trucks and bins and get an idea of the equipment involved.

A person who is courteous, respectful of the customer, and strives to provide the best service possible with a great attitude is who we wish to represent our company. You are the face of the business out in the field and professionalism is not only highly appreciated, but essential. 

This job is somewhat of an on-call situation and because of that we are searching for someone who resides close to our truck yard in Kitty Hawk. We will not consider candidates who live in upper Currituck, Corolla, Tyrrell, Camden, Pasquotank counties or further. 

We are easy bosses to work for and value good loyal employees. We have owned the business since 1993 and have a great customer base who mean a lot to us. We strive to provide consistently efficient, fast and courteous service to those customers and finding a good team player is paramount. 

Unfortunately because we are just a "mom and pop" business we are unable to provide any benefits for an employee. 

We are seeking a full time dedicated employee to fill this position. There still may be some slow down in the summer months, and hours could be less per week during that time. Who wouldn't like some extra time off in the summer!  The months of January through June are the busiest, and work will most likely be five days a week every week, plus the occasional run on Saturday morning.

Pay is based on experience and qualifications. A full day's "working" interview will be required where you will ride with our truck boss and see what the job is all about! Then we discuss pay and the future opportunities.

If you would like to apply for this position or discuss it further please contact us at: ​
Emailing us a resume is considered a plus!
or call 252-480-0864.
We look forward to hearing from you!